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Motivational Gift Test

Answer the following questions by selecting from the most appropriate response.

There are no right or wrong answers, so please answer with your initial response and do not over-think the question!

I love to give to support and bless others to advance the ministry.*
I have great enthusiasm for whatever task I am involved in and motivation towards all of my responsibilities.*
I see everything as either black or white; there are no gray or indefinite areas.*
I enjoy manual projects, helping others, and showing hospitality.*
I am attracted to people who are hurting or in distress, and I take action to help them.*
I avoid conflict and confrontation.*
I am frank, outspoken, and I don't mince words.*
I have a tremendous capacity to show love, and I always look for the best in people.*
I am eager to see my own blind spots, and I am quick to help others see theirs too.*
I have a strong belief in tithing, sowing financially, and giving where a need is seen.*
I prefer systems of information that have practical application; if I had to choose, I would rather apply truth than research it.*
I tend to neglect family and personal needs for the sake of "getting the job done."*
I need to feel appreciated, and I am easily hurt when unappreciated.*
I like to present truth in a logical, systematic way.*
I have strong opinions, convictions and personal standards.*
I like to show love for people in deeds and actions more than words.*
I handle my finances with wisdom and frugality, and I like to get the best value for money spent.*
I validate truth by checking out the facts and sources.*
I get frustrated when others do not share the same vision or goals as me.*
I have a hard time saying no when people ask for my help.*
I get upset when Scripture is used out of context.*
I upset my family and friends with unpredictable patterns of giving.*
I like to focus on working with people and encouraging them to live victoriously.*
I am pushy for the end goal, and can forget to praise partial progress.*
I am intellectually sharp and use a large vocabulary.*
I am ruled by my heart rather than my head.*
I am recognized and complimented for my positive attitude.*
I solve problems by focusing on scriptural principles rather than practical principles.*
I do not like to lead people or projects; I would rather complete a task and support others who are in leadership.*
I interrupt others in eagerness to give opinions or advice.*
I am willing to endure criticism in order to accomplish the ultimate task.*
I am prone to take up another person's offense.*
I want to have input or knowledge on how my financial contributions are used.*
I enjoy delegating tasks & supervising people, and I will assume responsibilities if no specific leadership exists.*
I encourage others to develop in their personal ministries & skill sets, and I view trials as opportunities to produce personal growth.*

Areas of Ministry Interest

Please select 1 area of ministry you are interested in for each list. Also, please make sure your selection in the first box is the one that most interests you. 

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